Now You Know How to Rule Your Local Market
on Facebook & Generate New Patients "At Will"


How Would you Like to do All of this With ZERO Doctor Time so You Can
Consistently Get New Patients from Facebook Without Having to Do the
Work—any work—Yourself?

If you make more money doing dental work and letting your staff take care of the simple stuff—like the Facebook marketing I just taught you about—then I have something you are going to love…

I am going to train your staff to become Facebook marketing whizzes so you don't ever have to think about it.

How to create a custom dental Facebook fan page for pennies.
How to get thousands of people to "like" your page for FREE.
How to get and use actual email leads from your Facebook page.
How to promote live events and special offers on your page for free.
How to triple your fan loyalty AND make your page go VIRAL!

I'm even going to give live demos and examples of our own clients' pages—ones that are consistently generating tons of new patients every single month for practices coast-to-coast.

AND I'm going to teach your staff, step-by-step, how to implement everything they're learning to build your fan base "the smart way" so it takes the minimum amount of time and produces the maximum amount of new patients.

  I am going to give you:

  • Video tutorials that anyone can follow—even with no technical background  
  • My own "Tested and Proven" Dental Facebook Ads
  • Live demos to actually see how it happens in real time
  • Step-by-step lessons, checklists, and worksheets
  • Examples of my most successful pages that you can copy for immediate results
  • Ongoing lesson, training and video updates to keep up with the constant Facebook
        and other social media changes
  • Monthly training support calls to get all their questions answered


Please Take This off My Hands and Teach My Staff So I can:

1) Go back to running my practice without worrying about my social media marketing, and…
2) Still get a steady, reliable stream of new patients every single month from Facebook

You have probably already been putting off taking control of your Facebook marketing while your competitors are already on the bandwagon. So, to get you back in the game I've created these lessons to get you "off the fence" and started before it's too late:

Lesson #1- "Dental Facebook Fan Page Secrets." You can set up your Facebook page "the hard way" (by trial and error) or "the easy way" with all of my proven tips, tricks and techniques. They're all here.

Lesson #2- "Dental Facebook Ad Power." You don't have to spend any money marketing on Facebook, but if you want to take your marketing even further and want to laser target patients I'll show you how to leverage every cent you spend.

Lesson #3- "Dental Mobile Marketing Crash Course." Don't just keep up with your competition, go mobile and get the jump on them with Facebook mobile marketing (it's free and more than half of all Facebook traffic is now mobile).

Lesson #4- "Dental Facebook Contest Fast-Track." I am going to share with you the exact same checklist we use internally to a) make a successful Facebook contest and, b) how to get your contest approved by Facebook. If your contest doesn't get approved, you won't be getting any new patients, right?

Lesson #5- Dental SEO Practices." When you think of social media, you probably don't think of how it affects your Google, Bing and Yahoo search rankings, right? Well think again. Search engines are now using social media sites to rank local search, and I will explain to you step-by-step how to name your Facebook page and use it to get to the top of your local search score. If you can check email you can do this, it's Techie Free!

Ready to get started? Click here and your staff can get started right away. Want more? OK. Here's some more for you…

Yes, There's More Too!

We all know that Facebook is constantly changing. Every single week, they make changes and updates. That's why I wouldn't give your staff the information they need to get your Facebook page generating consistent new traffic and then leave them to navigate all the changes on their own. So,
here's what else your staff is going to get…

  • Monthly social media training call with me and my expert team so your staff will be up-to-date on all the latest Facebook tricks, tips and techniques and to answer all their questions about implementation.
  • Monthly social media e-newsletter detailing the latest social media updates and changes.
  • Access to the “members only” area where training materials, videos, and archived Q&A sessions will be stored so they can ALWAYS have access to updated training (or so new or multiple staff members can get the full training).

And, when you sign up today, I'm also going to give you @ $1000 in FREE bonuses:

Bonus #1($500): "Linkedin Ad Madeness" is my tested & proven ad system with actual ad templates on how to create dirt cheap ads that get approved and get you patients
Bonus #2($250): How to turn Twitter into new and increased patient activity
Bonus #3($250): My brand new Google+ training to make your search marketing is social—at no cost!

If you're ready to finally take your Facebook marketing to the next level—or just get started—now's the time. I've tried to make it as easy as possible for you to teach your staff to get a consistent stream of new patients every month using Facebook.

I cordially invite you join my "Facebook Marketing Mastery for Dental Practices" program today.

Let's get started,

Graig Presti

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